The Impact of AI on Accounting

AI could make the accounting profession more appealing via technology and innovation. Some accountants worry that AI will replace them, but the real opportunity is that accountants who know how to leverage AI software may someday replace those who don’t, observes Jeff Dernavich, VP of product at LeaseQuery. Unless you’re truly living off the grid, [...]

The Impact of AI on Accounting2023-06-20T10:56:32-04:00

Accounting Firms are Facing a Significant Staffing Shortage.

No one wants to be an accountant anymore, but a program aimed at high schoolers looks to fix the shortage Accounting firms are facing a significant staffing shortage. Between the long hours, stressful deadlines, and unflattering stereotypes, more people are quitting the profession then going into it. Instead, students straight out of college are choosing [...]

Accounting Firms are Facing a Significant Staffing Shortage.2023-06-20T09:32:27-04:00

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